Children’s Dentistry In Sandwich, MA

What Is a Children’s Dentist?

Pediatric dentistry is the specialization in the dental treatment of children. This requires a special level of gentleness and compassion, for which extra years of training are required. Dentistry for children focuses on kids from infancy through adolescence, and the treatment of baby teeth and their growth into full, adult teeth.

Our goal is to create an exceptional dental experience for every patient – even the youngest ones. We strive to maintain a fun, warm, and welcoming environment for your children. Together as a team, we strive to help them avoid developing a fear of the dentist and to understand the importance of good dental health.

Children’s Dentistry Treatments

Good dental hygiene for kids starts with trust. By creating a bond with your kids, we can help them develop fantastic at-home habits for life-long oral health. We provide a wide variety of dental services for your children, including:

  • Toddler oral health exams
  • Digital x-rays and cleanings
  • Sealants
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Diagnosis and safe treatment of dental disorders
  • At-home dental care education
  • Orthodontic evaluation
  • Care for dental injuries

With regular exams and cleanings, we can address signs of decay and gum disease before they become serious. As your child grows, we can continue to help them develop their dental health in a variety of ways – from sealants to mouth guards and more.


Does my child need to see a children’s dentist regularly?
Yes. You see your dentist regularly, and so should your child. Regular visits to a children’s dentist can help your little ones avoid the pain and discomfort caused by cavities and decay, and can help them establish good oral hygiene habits that will help maintain excellent lifelong oral health.
How often should my child visit the children’s dentist?
According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), your child should see a children’s dentist at least twice a year. Sandwich Dental Associates are happy to welcome kids as young as 3 years old.
When will my baby start getting teeth?
Teeth begin to emerge between the ages of 6 months and 10 months. The two front-lower incisors usually breakthrough first.
To ensure that your child is well on the way to enjoying a lifetime of excellent oral health, call 508.888.4400 to schedule your child’s next exam with your Sandwich, MA children’s dentist.