Cavities are not only frequent, but they can also cause serious tooth damage and a reduction in oral health. Your dental professional at Sandwich Dentistry Associates can simply treat them with a common restorative dental procedure called a dental filling, also known as a tooth filling.

What Is a Dental Filling?

Types of Fillings

A dental filling is a piece of material that is used to fill and seal the hole left by a cavity, preventing decay from spreading to the rest of the tooth. Your dentist will remove decay from a tooth swiftly, efficiently, and comfortably during your appointment. The sort of tooth filling you receive is mostly determined by your requirements and preferences.

Gold and silver/amalgam fillings are undoubtedly the most well-known, but they are only two of several options available if you have a cavity. Gold and amalgam fillings are both terrific choices, but they stand out against the beautiful whites they are keeping and protecting. Fortunately, there are alternatives that are less evident.

Filling options include:

    • Amalgam fillings: Amalgam tooth fillings are inexpensive and long-lasting, lasting 10 to 15 years or more. They may stand out because they are constructed of silver and do not match the surrounding teeth.
    • Gold fillings: Gold fillings are extremely long-lasting, lasting at least 10 to 15 years. Some people prefer the color and sparkle of composite fillings to amalgam fillings, despite the fact that they don’t match the surrounding tooth. Gold fillings are generally more expensive than other materials.
    • Composite resin fillings: Composite fillings are made up of a combination of plastic and tiny glass particles. They have a five-year lifespan and are color-matched to your teeth. They are less expensive than gold fillings but more expensive than amalgam fillings, and they may require two appointments to complete.
    • Porcelain fillings: Porcelain tooth fillings last about five to seven years and come in a variety of prices. They are more stain-resistant than composite fillings and match the color of your teeth.



Do fillings ever need to be replaced?
Though they are very durable, most fillings will need to be replaced eventually. How long they last depends heavily on the type of filling you get.
Does it hurt to get a filling?
Your Sandwich dental provider can perform both the removal of the decay and the filling placement in such a way that you will remain comfortable and free of pain.
How long will it take for me to be able to eat, speak, brush, and floss as usual after receiving a filling?
Shortly after receiving a filling, you should be able to do all of the things you normally would do. The team at Sandwich Dental Associates is happy to answer any of your questions about fillings.
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